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Types of Panels. Many types of paneling are available for the basement. You can select paneling made from pine, plywood, particle board or foam, to name a few. Some even include insulation. Wood paneling can come with a veneer finish, and thicker panels are of better quality.【Get Price】

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Basement To Beautiful Insulated Wall Panels & Studs . Studded, Insulated Panels To Prepare Your Basement Walls For Finishing ... of graphite-infused SilverGlo Insulation and a durable, lightweight metal stud system. ... waterproof product that meets International Code Standards for basement ...【Get Price】

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Finishing a basement is one way to increase the value of a piece of real estate. It usually includes framing rooms and covering concrete floors and walls with attractive coverings. Paneling is a ...【Get Price】

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The basement wall panels also direct any wall seepage down to the perimeter drain system, preventing this leakage from getting onto your basement floor. ... All products and services are provided exclusively by local contractors within the Basement Systems Network.【Get Price】

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This method requires less time than other methods of basement construction. To increase the durability of this type of basement construction, steel rebar is sometimes used to reinforce the masonry wall. Precast panel basement wall construction is the method where the walls are molded at another location.【Get Price】

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ZenWall panels can be used throughout the basement, to cover concrete foundation walls and interior partition walls as well. In addition to providing a finished wall surface, ZenWall panels also provide moisture and cold protection. Each ZenWall panel has an insulated core and a reflective radiant barrier backing.【Get Price】

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Beadboard: Beadboard is simply another type of tongue-and-groove paneling, except that the tongues and grooves connect not single boards but panels with the distinctive look of beaded-board plank. Beadboard is usually an affordable and very charming option for adorning your walls, but with many styles to choose from, you will find a range of prices and qualities and “board” widths, with 2½-inch V-bead and 1⅝-inch V-bead being common options.【Get Price】

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DRICORE SMARTWALL is the preferred wall panel system for basements used by professional contractors. Building Code Approved DRICORE SMARTWALL meets the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada and the International Residential Code (IRC) in the United States.【Get Price】

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Pressed metal basement wall panels come in luxurious finishes, including the warmth of copper and brass along with the sleek sophistication of lacquered steel. ... Consider upping your basement walls with decorative options to show off your design know-how. ... You currently are on the Armstrong Ceilings Residential website in United States ...【Get Price】

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In a finished basement, wall panels are usually used for visual appeal. Wainscot paneling is paneling installed on part of interior walls, usually beneath a chair rail. Wood paneling may match other parts of a room, such as stairs or flooring.【Get Price】

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Basement Wall Panels - Matrix Basements The right basement wall panels will provide excellent insulation for increased energy efficiency and protect against moisture. Since 2009, Matrix Basement Systems has completed more than 3,000 basements, giving us the experience you need in a remodeling company.【Get Price】

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Basement wall panels can easily change the scenario by making the basement livable and usable. Paneling systems offer both acoustic and thermal insulation. Many basements are prone to elements which limit the use of the space. Mold and mildew grow easily in damp basements. Many pipes and electrical equipment which reside in the basement that can become damaged by extreme moisture. The foundation can also be in danger.【Get Price】

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Plastic wall panels are a type of wall covering that offers many uses and benefits. Although not as recognized as wood panels, wall panels made from plastic are durable and cost effective. Plastic wall panels are available in a wide range of designs and finishes. With a multitude of colors, textures ...【Get Price】