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End Grain. Our End Grain wood flooring products are the most durable and resilient flooring surfaces available. End Grain is made by continuously cross cutting or slicing logs or cants into blocks or rounds, with the annual growth rings exposed on every piece.【Get Price】

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End grain tiles are also made using the same idea: Lumber or timber is cut into shapes, placed in a pattern, and sealed onto the floor. Check below to learn more about this technique as will as ...【Get Price】

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Also called “wood-block” flooring, end-grain floors are made of tiles cut from timber ends. Because the cuts are made across the board, the end grain is exposed on the face of the tile, just ...【Get Price】

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Grain block flooring, also called end-grain, is a traditional material used in an uncommon way. This type of flooring uses wood tiles that are cut off the end of dimensional lumber such as two-by ...【Get Price】

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At the end of a Home Again show broadcasted recently, they showed a floor that was made of 2x4 butt end pieces. Are there instructions available for this floor, or at【Get Price】

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Usually end-grain flooring comes in panels and is applied with a glue. You trowel it on, using probably an 8 by 8 trowel at a 45-degree angle. You put the glue on the floor, tip your trowel up, and it fits little notches in the panels, and then basically it just lays in place.【Get Price】

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Its been some time, but many years ago I was watching a show that may have been home again in which a home owner or builder had taken old pieces of timber from an old barn or building and then cut ...【Get Price】

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When we were hunting for a affordable flooring solutions for the Laboratory, we came across a wood floor we had never seen before in a store in Soho: it was made from tiles cut across the grain of hard wood beams: end cuts placed in a grid to make an unexpectedly beautiful pattern.【Get Price】

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Log end wood floors was largely used in Europe and later in North America for one particular reason: durability. In fact, end grain floors were a traditional floor covering in factory buildings ...【Get Price】

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I recently visited a museum and noticed that the floor consisted of 2x4 blocks with the end grain facing up. It looked nice and was probably made from scrap 2x4 cut offs left over from construction.【Get Price】

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End grain flooring is a unique type of wood tile flooring. What makes this wood block flooring so different is that the tiles are actually cut from timber ends. This not only means that wood’s grain is visible and upward facing, but also makes wood block flooring incredibly durable from a structural point of view.【Get Price】

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The result is a strong floor with many end-grain patterns throughout the room. Nearly any wood species is appropriate for end-grain flooring, from oak and poplar to pine.【Get Price】