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To calculate your cable requirement you must measure from the top of your deck or bottom rail to the bottom of your top rail, then divide that number by the cable spacing (3") and subtract 1. Example: 30 inches between deck and top rail: 30 / 3 =10 and 10-1= 9.【Get Price】

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Cable Railing Installation Tools We offer all the tools for a superior cable railing system. Our high-quality tools cover all stages of the cable process from drilling posts, tensioning the cables, and release tools to save you from trouble.【Get Price】

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Installing Cable Railing on your deck is a great way to give your deck a modern look, keep your view while sitting on your deck, and secure your deck with a railing system that will last. Many think the installation must be exceedingly difficult, but it is not.【Get Price】

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- Cable cutters, used to cut the steel railing cable - Adjustable wrench, for tightening the anchors - Nut driver, used to tighten the machine screws Steps for How to Install a Cable Deck Railing: 1.【Get Price】

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In addition to our 8 standard top rail profile options, we also offer our wood top rail adapter for our cable railing systems, allowing you to use wood or composite top rails. Our cable railing system can accept our low voltage halogen post lights, or our solar powered LED post lights.【Get Price】

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After mounting the posts, run a 2x6 board along the length of the fence. Drive 3 inches (7.6 cm) deck screws to fasten the top rail to each of the posts. A top guard rail is required for deck fences and some livestock fences. If it’s not required, you can skip the top rail.【Get Price】

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Atlantis Rail manufacturers stainless steel cable railing systems for residential, commercial and handicap accessible applications. Our cable railing systems for decks are easy to install, can be used for both indoor and outdoor cable railing applications and are low maintenance.【Get Price】

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Choose a Cable System with Top Rails: As the goal of a cable railing system is a low railing profile, there are often only posts in these systems, with cables acting as the top and bottom rails. This is fine in instances where a handrail is not required, as guardrails have no graspability requirements.【Get Price】

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cable railings deck stainless steel cable railings deck porch railings stainless steel cables cable railing systems stainless steel kits RELATED PRODUCTS 3/8 in. Stainless Steel Chamfer End Cap for Cable Railing System【Get Price】

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Cable railings are often chosen for their combination of openness and security. In this episode, learn how to bore the holes in each post to accommodate the cable railings, how to detail and install the cap railing with tight miters and hidden joinery, and finally how to thread the cable and pull everything tight.【Get Price】

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Cable & Fittings. Our Cablerailings family of wire rope assemblies are designed for use in both residential and commercial railing systems. Cablerailings fittings are made out of marine grade Type 316 stainless steel for strength and durability.【Get Price】